Warrior Girls Arise! (I Sam. 30:30)

Hi Ladies! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’–

Well, what can I say? It’s a such moment in His presence right now. Looking, Listening, and Receiving a sweet outpouring of His Beautiful Wonders ! Letting Him shine on me and glowing with a powerful touch of The Master Teacher. Ladies say this with me! My Lord! We are here! We are your Warrior Girls! We Arise! We Fight! We Shine! We Conquer! We Overcome! We Pursue! We Overtake! We Recover All! Yes! Time to See! We Proclaim! We Declare! We Walk in Authority! We Win! We Rejoice! We Worship! We Love! We Cover! We Give! 

Time to See all that has been laid up and ready for the release. It was just waiting for this moment for us to get in our secret moment of worship and love  just for Him. Worship and pour your most lavish perfumes on Him. Prepare for an unusal experience  in His Presence of intimacy.  Pull out the beautiful dress and cute shoes.  He wants to see your face and embrace you like never before. This time. This time. This time. Yes. This time. You maybe saying, should there be something after this time? It is just what it is. This time. No one will take it away, your place, your time, your words, your thoughts, your love. You are in this time. Now time. Hallelujah, The One that has the sweet gifts for you is ready to lavish us with the extravagant grace and love. Yes, Lord I receive.  Hands upraised with forever praise! In His Presence there is fullness of joy and pleasures at His right Hand forever more.  (Psalm 16:11)

Beautiful Lord! We are your Warrior Girls ready to use our 


Bold*Radical *Anointed*Victorious *Equipped 

You have given us everything we need to capture the vision and run with it. GLORY! We Run and not get weary! We walk and not faint! (Isaiah 40:31) We are girded with an unwavering strength because you have caught us by the hand and said my sweet woman run with me and hear what I have to say. Open your mouth to Restore and Redeem! Build! Publish! Root out! Pull Down! Destroy! Throw Down! Plant! (Jer. 1: 1-10) New Heights! New Depths! New Places! New Things! New Songs! Go up! A sweet release of fragrances never smelled before! You have overshadowed us! Wow ! Wow! You say Laugh! Run  in this place! Soar in this place! Arise! We walk in our Destiny and Purpose. We don’t just use these words as pretty sayings but we have acquired the breath of you and have we have been lifted up to this new place in you! Realms! Dimensions! Waves of Glory! Bless you our Lord God! We are your prophetic warrior girls! We take the position of SWAT. We “Serve With Authority and Truth!” (Copyrighted 2002)

We are here for you! Warrior Girls standing in awe of You. We love you and we honor you. In Jesus the Christ name! Holy Spirit guide us and reveal each step Show us with manifold wisdom.  AMEN

๐Ÿ’– No fear because He is Here! 

PK ๐Ÿค—

For such a time as this! Esther 4:14

Beautiful morning ! Awesome moments of Him. So I came in yesterday and took a minute to hear the rain cascading our lives. To some it might  have been an issue for traveling, but to me it was a saturation and a washing away of old things from our lives. We are so blessed and richly overflowing with His favor and grace. All things are working for us. As the rain came down,  I received a renewal in my heart for His special touch.  Only He can fill me like nobody  else can . Regardless of who we come contact with or what we do, His infilling of His Holy Spirit is the Only thing that is perpetually wonderful.
Today, at this moment  @2:32 am, I tell you Lord, “I love you so much”. Creating music with you and singing love songs to my heart lover.  You are my Music! Wow! Woman,  let Him be your music so you can sing the sweet melodies to all who are in the arena of your space daily. Words and lyrics for His Heart are so sweet. Holy Spirit help us, your women to be virtuous in our hearts , spirits, and total being. (Sweet)

We are palace dwellers and sometimes the old “pitlike”elements have to be cleaned out. When you are living in the palace, we have to be sure to keep weeding out old things that do not belong. Maybe some are on their way to the palace, going higher in the palace, or just simply glad to be in the palace. Either way, woman, you are designed to be royalty in every aspect of your life. The “pitlike ” elements are fear, jealousy, hurt, shame,rejection, or anything that was supposed to be put on the cross.

Palace dwellers,  change your clothes. No more peasant mentality or beggars garments. Maybe, at some time, woman you were wearing the rags from the grave of past issues. Well, time to be healed and refreshed.  Open the  Windows and Doors of your eyes, heart and spirit to the Holy Spirit. He is hearing everything and He is revealing a new you. The old has been cleared out and you can now see your true purpose and destiny. Let the words and meditations flow like never before!

“For such a time as this!” You are a palace dweller to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s time to take your stand. You are chosen to cause a breakthrough!  You are a catalyst for change!  Yes, we are women who have the power to pray! We were created to reach out and help. Yes, Lord we receive our chosen purpose!  Wow! We are full of worth and value. Hmmmm, hmmmmm, good! Just like chocolate!  We are good and we are created in His image. Lady, Inspire!  You and I are  His instruments  and Vessels ! Let  Him create beautiful music in you as He pours into you! How Lovely that it is! Receive! Sing loud and sing proud! He knows your voice in the midst of the crowd! Love and hugs!
“Singing in the Key of Love!”*(see author’s heartnote)
“Look Again ”


Author heartnote: New Book Release!  “In the Key of Love * His Banner Over Me is Love!” โ™ก June 2016″



A Worship Moment *Loved*Fragranced

Wow! This day calls for a moment of worship.ย  At the times when you need prayer, chocolate,ย and worship,ย  you just have to reach up and grabย  The Lord God Jehovah’s heart through that special moment in worship. He is so beautiful and is always there when you need Him. The awesome times with Him brings in His Glory and grace to keep shining! Woman Warrior, take a moment to worship Him. He loves you and covers you with an everlasting love. A love that cannot be compared. This day and at this moment  let Him in like never before. Watch how He will give you a fragrance that never runs out. This beautiful fragrance cannot  be figured out because it manifests only when you worship.  Ahhh! When you worship, such a sweet time  of intimacy. 
“Then Mary took a pound of very costly oil of spikenard, anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair.And the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil” John 12:3

Worship…A Woman’s Fragrance Unto God

      Woman-your  fragrance unto God smells so sweet. It flows when you choose to stay and sit at His feet.
       Seeking His love and warm touch. The One who means so much.
        Your praise,  whether spoken or seen,  sends out a beautiful smell. You are the woman who can draw from the living well.
        You are a unique part of th Eternal plan. He has made you so beautiful and special from his tender hands.
         Let your fragrance unto God be exquisite and pure. As you worship, the oil flows to help you endure.
         A song,  a dance,  a prayer, or a hug; something so small to give.  Yet, your worship is what gives you strength to live. 
          A sacrifice of praise-oh how wonderful it must feel. When you’re  humbled while you raise your hands and heart as you kneel.
          Let your fragrance of worship exude and feel the room.  Yes, feel the room. Feel how the atmosphere changes and shifts. Your fragrance  is just that powerful. It is so unusual and strong that it breaks barriers and strongholds. The sound of your worship will fill the room. It will give a beautiful scent unto the nostrils of The Holy Bridegroom. 

Glory! Woman Warrior go into worship.  It is now time to let your light shine. It can’t be hidden anymore. The enemy  tried to prevent you from the ability to soar.
Hallelujah! Praise God! You  are now free to be who you are called to be. Be you! Be beautiful!
In This moment of Worship.
Pastor Karen

Look Again!: What the World Showed You is not How God Sees You!


Just love :)

So this day I declare and decree a receiving of fresh oil being poured in my life. As it pours on the top  of my head, it flows all over me. I decree that all that  was stolen is returned a hundred fold and more. Every second that He enters I am restored, revived and renewed. I no longer walk in in the way of what used to be.  I have a grandeur view of who I am. The Great I Am has given me His Holy Spirit who is living on the inside of me.  He said in His word that I  was fearfully and wonderfully made.  So, I  do not have to recreate  myself. I just receive and realize the awesomeness and greatness  of being created  in His image  and likeness. Yes, I  am chosen for such a time as this. All shackles and chains are loosed. I am free to be who He called me to be and I  am walking in Destiny and Purpose.  Wide and strong eagles wings are how I soar. He hides me in the shadow of His wings. Im not moved by what I see. I am daily loaded with Benefits and blessings.  I tap into the promise and walk in my covenant rights of wealth and prosperity.  No fear, no worries.  Its freedom time. I had carried pain and hurt too long. My heart and spirit is refreshed.  My mind has been renewed. My heart is rejuvenated. My love is new. Thank  you so much God that you watch over me, and  you keep me. You see me. Thank  you. I Love You Lord so much, and I thank you for opening doors for me that  the enemy could not see. He tried to block the door that he thought was there, but you confused him. I laugh because it is time for my promise.  Sarah laughed when you told her about having a baby when she thought it was too late. It’s never too late. Dreams and visions restored and sharpened! Ready! Set! Activate! Thank you Lord for orchestrating my steps and bringing me in a broad place. There is non like You. Holy Spirit meet me in worship and our secret place. Activate  the anointing to more realms of revelation. Im in a sweet place.  I decree a beautiful time in my life. I’m  replenished and I am revived.  Glory! โ™กโ˜†โ™ก. Drinking of rivers of living waters and His sound is released in me. More of His ways and less of my ways. Declare His Glory Woman! Decree His purpose this day! Love is surrounding me. Love sees me. Love knows me.  Love covers me. Love fills me. I was born for this. Love carries me. Love sustains me. Love strenghthens me. Love  completes me. His love is the key that revealed the truth. The Blood of Jesus is flowing in me and around me. I’m clothed with beautiful and special garments of praise and joy. You turned it around for my good. Awesome Jehovah God you are! Im dancing and leaping because you have brought me out of the fog. Your Shekinah Glory fills this place in me. My heart is overflowing because you saved me. Double portion love and favor. Wow!

In His Image!  Yes Lord!
In Love โ™ก
Beautiful and Blessed Me!


A sweet moment of love:)

How sweet it is to be loved by you! โ™ก That was a song a long time ago, but it is very sweet to be loved by The Almighty God. I’m in awe and amazed how He continues to pour forth special blessings and treasures of His Glory upon us daily. It’s a sweet time. I receive and allow sweet love to be my treasure to share.  His Holy Spirit will guide me and His Son Jesus is right there with me. I adore Him and I look forward to a powerful time in His Word and awesome revelations and thoughts of His notes whispered to me. Beautiful experiences and new exciting expressions of love are flowing. Smile!  Love is here and it  looks good on us. Heart love.

“Making it an art to hear the heart”
Touching the World through Words!
“The Greatest of These is Love”
I Corinthians 13


“If you say my eyes are beautiful, it’s because they are looking at you” ๐Ÿ™‚